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Caption: Recently, Dr. Mark White (center) traveled to Wisconsin to conduct research on The Pallet Inferno. He’s shown with members of The Pallet Inferno team (from left) Troy Wiedemeier (co-inventor), Jake Wiedemeier, Tom Wiedemier (owner) and Mike Guzowski (sales). 

Featured Supplier Spotlight article in June 2017 Pallet Enterprise issue for drying and mold prevention

*June 2017 – Supplier Spotlight magazine article published in Pallet Enterprise for drying and mold prevention

*May 2017Dr. Mark White, Ph.D., in conjunction with The Virginia Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design and The Inferno Team conducted a Pallet Inferno drying and mold control test.  The final report of the testing concluded:

  • The Pallet Inferno drying is effective for preventing mold as long as pallets after treatment are appropriately handled and stored
  • Green pallets showed signs of mold and 3 test drying cycle times of dried pallets in The Inferno did not at Virginia Tech’s mold monitoring environments
  • Pallet drying test cycles times for mold prevention can occur in as low as 1 hour resulting in little impact to overall pallet structure quality changes
  • Energy consumption of the machine is $9.80 per hour
  • Uniform temperatures occur within the chamber

*March 2017 Dr. Mark White, Ph.D., in conjunction with The Virginia Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design and The Inferno Team conducted a preliminary HT & drying assessment of The Pallet Inferno in March of 2017 and the report highlighted the following:

  • Pallet appearance quality was not impacted by the drying cycle
  • The drying cycle removed 20-30% of the moisture
  • Steep moisture gradients occurred after the drying cycle with the majority of surface moisture content readings below 20%

November 2016 – In November, 2016 pallets drying testing was completed in The Inferno utilizing 3 species of live trees made into pallets a few days later producing successful results.  Moisture contents were achieved on all species of wood to 19% or below which is an effective prevention method for mold.  The Inferno patent is pending for the heat treating of firewood and pallets.



Company History

Tom Wiedemeier is the owner of The Inferno Heat Treater, LLC and the inventor of The Inferno machine. Tom also is the owner of Thomas Wiedemeier Sawmill in Porterfield, Wisconsin, a 4th generation family-owned business. One of Wiedemeier Sawmill’s key products was firewood and the business had major accounts in Illinois. Due to the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer and regulations for heat treating firewood before transporting across state lines drove the idea, design and creation of a firewood heat treating machine in March, 2008. TWS made the first version of a pallet heat treat system for a local pallet manufacturer customer of TWS for obtaining ISPM-15 in 2011. A 2nd machine was made in 2012 and leased it to a pallet company and in 2014 the machine was moved to another pallet company due to a kiln malfunction. In 2015 Tom’s son Troy, started transitioning in to take over running the Sawmill business. In the 2nd half of 2016, Tom’s primary focus shifted to building The Inferno business and Tom on-boarded the first resources to begin to grow the business.