The Inferno pallet sterilization capabilities eliminated the need to dip pallets in chemicals and air dry store them to prevent mold for our customers. Since The Inferno can ISPM-15 heat treat and dry pallets for mold prevention in 1 run, our customers now have the flexibility to store and warehouse product on all their ISPM-15 HT pallets whether or not it is shipped domestically or internationally. The Inferno has allowed us to pick up new customers thus adding a second shift.  The Inferno is easy to operate and involved light training of my staff to integrate into my operations quickly. 

Michael Mapes



I would like to reach out to you to thank you for the high level of service your company has provided us over the past 3 years.

Approx. 4:30 am, Saturday Aug. 16th, 2014, we had a fire in our heat treat chamber and the unit was considered a total loss. Immediately I contacted our Emergency Response Team. We began calling on contractors and equipment manufacturers to replace anything lost in the fire and to minimize any possible downtime. Tom Wiedemeier was one of those equipment manufacturers we contacted Saturday morning. He actually answered the phone and in a matter of a few hours we had an agreement with Tom to bring us an Inferno Heat Treat Chamber the upcoming week. Tom did whatever it took to not only provide us with a new heat treat chamber, but also helped us to negate any loss of business. Tom personally delivered, set up and trained our staff on the operations of The Inferno. Since then, whenever we have a service or parts needs, Tom and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and very reliable. Tom’s support through our unfortunate event, made the challenges tolerable. I strongly recommend anyone in need of a heat treater to seriously consider Tom Wiedemeier and The Inferno Heat Treat Chamber”.

Best of Regards,

James W. Brill